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Fast and Reliable, High-Speed Embroidery

We are very proud to introduce our newest Barudan high speed multi head embroidery machine with a maximum speed of 1000rpm.
Having a LAN Connection and Networking makes Production Control easier than you ever imagined.
Backed by the most advanced technology, the BEKS will change your concept of embroidery machines.

Touch screen (10.4 inch, Resolution 800×600)

Ability to register shortcuts into multiple groups

Customizeable Display

Easy Icon based operation

Lan Connector Standard, 1×COM Port & 2×USB Ports, 1×Remote Controller Connector

70 million stitch capacity, 100 memory locations


100 diseños, nueva pantalla a color LCD de 10,4”, nueva pantalla touch screen para fácil operación, memoria de 70.000.000 de puntadas, LAN, USB y puertos paralelos estandard

Todo lo referido a la serie K es sencillo y de fácil operación logrando una experiencia para el usuario única en la industria del bordado.

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